BluNoteStakeholders are the lifeblood of our program. While student inspired ideas are excellent, they often lack domain knowledge in the area of their project. They also miss out on developing a valuable skill, interacting with a client. Therefore, the College of Computing and Informatics reaches out to industry, government, and academia for ideas and guidance of our Senior Design projects.

A stakeholder’s involvement can vary based on interest. They can propose the idea of the project or help a student group nurture their idea from a concept into a practical project. We like stakeholders to stay in touch with the group. Usually this can be a short (or longer if you prefer) weekly or biweekly meeting either in person or via a telecommunication method of your choice. Meeting focus initially on requirements specification, but can include technical advice (if applicable) as the project matures.

Intellectual property can be retained by the stakeholder if they incur the costs of development (i.e. equipment or license purchases) or solutions can be open sourced. It’s also a great way for a stakeholder’s company to gain exposure to highly talented would-be graduates.

To get started as a stakeholder, all you need is an idea and an one - two paragraph abstract.

For more information contact Jeff Salvage .