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College of Computing and Informatics


Take control of Rocky, the hydrophobic penguin, as he explores the charming world of penguins he inhabits -- use your fishing rod and boat to get around and interact with your environment, complete a variety of challenges for the non-player characters that you reside with, and fish around for a good time.
The player takes control of a virtual character in which they explore an open-world 3D environment and complete different challenges. From the start of the game, the player has all the tools to complete the challenges in the world around them, but it is up to the player's judgement and skill to complete them.

Chiefly among these tools are their ship and fishing rod,  which the user can use in some unexpected ways. We want to provide the user with a unique and engaging experience on and off sea, providing them copious opportunities to, at any point in the game, employ the skills that they have learned by that point. Their experience should seamlessly flow between any action to the next, whether that be sailing, wayfaring, fishing or trekking on foot.

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