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Marching Masters

Marching Masters is a system which will provide a method of measuring a performer’s accuracy during a field performance by comparing the calculated position to the location written advancing the quality of marching arts programs.
Every summer, marching bands and drum corps all around the world learn drill for their season’s performance.  Following this, in the winter, indoor percussion, guard, and wind ensembles, prepare their drill for their seasons.  As it stands, the only way to effectively learn the coordinates for the show is to go ‘set-by-set’ and check every performer’s positioning for every drill move.   Marching Masters aims to improve these out dated methods.

Marching Masters will increase the effectiveness of drill instruction and the proficiency with which a show is performed.  Marching Masters will ultimately be the first marching based program that will allow for tracking of the performers from drill set to drill set.  This system will allow staff and performers to track the movements of the performers, analyze for correctness against the written drill, and be able to be reviewed by staff and performers.  By obtaining this knowledge, staff will be more equipped to provide instruction and performers will be able to further understand what corrections they must make.

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