Drexel University

College of Computing and Informatics


FloatMe is an app that gives nurses access to important information when switching between hospital units.
Nurse Staffing is a complex juggling act to ensure that the patients on every unit of the hospital have adequate care. It is influenced by acuity or how sick a patient is and the number of patients that are on a unit and the number of nurses available. If acuity is high, it takes more nurses to take care of the same number of patients. Majority of the nurses have a ‘Home Unit’ that they are accustomed to and specialized in. However, they may have to “Float” to other units should staffing issues occur. Floating puts nurses in unfamiliar surroundings. The FloatMe app makes this easier, by aggregating necessary information of different specialties, so that a nurse that is completely unfamiliar with another unit can find an easy transition into their new unit. 

In the previous version of FloatMe, information like contact info, combinations of safes and drug cabinets, and more are completely hard coded. If any changes to the application needed to be made, then a software developer would have to edit the code in the original codebase and then deploy the updated app to the hospital phones. This new version of FloatMe allows the information to be loaded from a backend service, so that an authorized user can access the admin dashboard and change any information, without the need of a code change and redeployment of the updated application to phones. This project will streamline FloatMe maintenance, making the application more useful to both nurses and administrators.

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