2015-2016 Senior Project - Biomeme API

Project Title
Biomeme is dedicated to creating tools to help anyone explore the biological world. Currently, Biomeme provides a smartphone-based DNA detection and analytics platform for consumers and researchers. This simple, and easy to use, kit allows users to isolate DNA and analyze it using gold standard lab technology within the palm of their hands. After analysis has been performed, the discovered data is uploaded into Biomeme’s cloud platform. Biomeme has plenty of biological data and requires a method for researchers and scientists to be able to access Biomeme’s cloud data from anywhere. To solve this problem, the senior design team is creating its own open API (Application Program Interface) to allow users to access both a free set of anonymized data, as well as access to their own test data that was run on their Biomeme device. This API allows users to filter out only the data they truly want, and have easy access to JSON versions of Biomeme’s data. In addition, the team is creating a website to allow users of the API to manage their API accounts, view example data analytics constructed using our API calls, and ultimately find documentation about how to interact with our API. This project pushes the boundaries of easy to access biological data. It allows researchers easier access to hard to find biological data and an easy method to perform analytics on it.

Team Members


David Monteleone


Abhishek Poddar



Example Gender Analytics

A comparion of the number of males vs females. The chart was created using our custom API calls.

Example Relationship Graph

Demonstrates the ability for the API to allow researchers to find relationships within Biomeme data.

Behind the Scenes

Jeff Salvage

Faculty Advisor
Professor Jeff Salvage



Jeff Salvage

External Stakeholder
Maximilian Maksutovic