Senior Project - Sponsors

The 2019-2020 Senior Project Showcase is presented by Ciright and the CCI Corporate Partners Program.


CCI Corporate Partner Program

The College of Computing & Informatics' (CCI) Corporate Partners program is built on a core of innovation and collaboration creating a large scale, sustainable ecosystem for the development, recruitment and retention of top tech talent.


Founded in 1993, Ciright has been at the forefront of enterprise mobility, connectivity, IoT, mobile apps, video communication and location services. Our early work included engineering and programming on some of the earliest smart phones in the 1990’s. In 1995, Ciright invented multiple vertical solutions, enabling users to interface with a digital screen and a pen. Eliminating physical paper and mimicking the relationship of pen and paper on digital tablets, companies soon realized extreme efficiency gains. Simply said, we built apps before they were known as apps.

As a Technology Equity (TE) Firm, we partner with companies and entrepreneurs to deliver better products in a faster timeframe. We contribute our IP and services in exchange for equity, creating a true partnership with mutually aligned goals. To witness an entrepreneur’s conceptual idea come to life is the most rewarding part of our journey.