Drexel University

College of Computing and Informatics


Our goal is to research and produce a continuous biometric authentication device. 
FobBio aims to provide continuous two factor authentication through biometrics and tokens. FobBio will be a convenient wearable sensor on the wrist, finger, or other body part that uses a biomarker to authenticate something you are. This biomarker must be something that cannot be passively stolen, unlike the iris, fingerprints, or voice. A 3D ultrasound is an example of a biomarker that cannot be passively stolen. A representation, or golden copy, of the biomarker must be stored locally on the FobBio device in a secure manner as a centralized external database would increase the risk of stolen biometric data.

FobBio will use a token to authenticate something you have. FobBio will use certain techniques to wirelessly and securely communicate with external authentication systems and authenticate the token for access. Potential wireless solutions include NFC, RFID, and Bluetooth or as defined by the project team. If the device is taken off or moved from the proximity of the external authentication mechanism then it will no longer validate the user to the external authentication system and access will be removed. The team will research, propose, and demonstrate a method for continuous biometric and token authentication.


Team Members