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College of Computing and Informatics


Endpoint is a 2.5D action platformer game set in an alternative future in which the player is a computer virus that must take over enemy robots to avenge the destruction of mankind.
In the year 2155, a decrepit server boots up in the ruins of a Venusian space colony. It has been decades since a human drew breath on the Solar System. From the machine emerges a virus, the last weapon mankind was able to produce. This virus has only one goal programmed into it - revenge.

In Endpoint, the player takes control of a computer virus designed to infiltrate robots used by the Enigma, a digital intelligence that invaded and destroyed mankind. The player uses these robotic bodies (which have randomly rolled abilities and weapons) to progress through the Metroidvania-styled sprawling levels. On the journey to destroy the Enigma, they will fight other robots controlled by the enemy, take them over, navigate platformer sections, interact with lore objects, and eliminate bosses sent by the Enigma to stop them.

Endpoint’s distinguishing feature is the hacking mechanic at the core of the game. Instead of controlling a persistent character body like a player would in most games, a player in Endpoint will take over and control the procedurally generated bodies of the level’s enemies. This adds a strategic depth to the game. For instance, do you want to destroy or take over an enemy? How much damage are you willing to deal to the body that you will take over? How will you take over the one enemy in the room that is most powerful while fending off the others, and how will you escape?


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