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College of Computing and Informatics

Boneyard Brawlers

Boneyard Brawlers is a local multiplayer, party game where players will each take control of a risen skeleton and fight their friends  for body parts to build the ultimate monster and defeat them in an all out brawl. 
There has been a resurgence of local multiplayer games thanks to portable consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch. The most common type of these local multiplayer games are party games. However, they can feel repetitive and stale due to uniform abilities and tasks. Boneyard Brawlers aims to oppose the formula by a unique abilities mechanic. 

In Boneyard Brawlers, 2-4 players take the role of skeletons rising from their graves to take part in an all out brawl to be the last monster standing. In the game, players will be sent to spooky locales full of various monster body parts, separated into three categories: head, torso, and legs. Every body part is mix and match and supply the players with unique abilities. This allows every round of the game to be different than the last. The outcome of the game all depends on how the players play, what parts they equip, and when.